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best kit for RNA extraction from animal tissue - (May/09/2006 )

hi everyone
I'll will be grateful for any tips: what do you think is the best kit for RNA extraction? which will be suitable for RNA extraction from animal tissue? I need it for RT-PCR (viral detection)


Will you detect in tissue with cells or in fluids like plasma without cells?



We have seen TriReagent (Sigma) keeps being the best option when trying to isolate RNA from tissue (for instance brain, spleen and liver). Column-based methods are easier and faster but I only use them when I am confident RNA quantity in my sample is high.

Good luck smile.gif


thank you pipo for your suggestions, i will try this method.
to vairus: it will be from tissue (kidney, gills) not from cell-free fluids. I know that there are some good Qiagen kits from cell-free fluids for virus isolation, but I'm not sure about RNeasy kit (Qiagen also).
thanks for help