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gDNA and RNA extractions from whole blood - (May/08/2006 )

I am trying to figure what is best way (most reliable and reproducable) to extract nucleic acids from whole blood samples. Specifically, I was wondering if anyone has tried to isolate gDNA from whole blood that has been stored in Qiagen's Paxgene Blood RNA tubes. Theoretically, it seems possible, but I didn't know if the preserving reagent in the tube damaged the gDNA in some way. Any comments?

-RD scientist-

The "preserving reagent" is actually a cationic detergent that forms an insoluble complex with the DNA & RNA, so the complex comes out of solution and is therefore physically protected from nucleases

You can isolate gDNA, just spin out the pellet, wash and process with a DNA isolation kit

A PAXgene DNA blood tube is also available by the way

-John Buckels-