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about DNA extration from human sample - (May/05/2006 )

Hi, everyone:

I have some difficulties in DNA extraction from human pancreatic tissue which has been fixed with formalin for several weeks (no paraffin) and stored at room temperature. The weight of the sample is about 20 mg. I used Qiagen kit or phenol:chloroform:isopropanol extration but still can't find DNA band in agarose gel. I repeated several times and spent a lot of time. unsure.gif Could anyone help me out? Thanks a lot.



It is really interting, I think you could Extract DNA from Dinosaur Fossil easier than that tissue.


Fixed tissue is very hard to extract DNA from, the formaldehyde causes strand breaks in the DNA, but it can be done.... there are specific kits for it, but I don't know who makes them. Try a google search for it.


Did you try to chek for DNA in the spectrophotometer?
You might have some but not enough to see on a gel.