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overexpression of miRNA in a shRNA-vector? - (May/05/2006 )


probably a stupid question:
do you think i could do an overexpression of a miRNA by using its stemloop precursor-sequence in a shRNA-vector? I read that additional nt on each side of the hairpin are neccessary for proper processing of the mature miRNA, but I don`t know why. sad.gif Whats the difference between processing of a miRNA-precursor hairpin and a shRNA?

Thx, abs


Hi, I work with shRNAs and miRNAs and I think it is sometimes better not to ask how they work or are processed. Nobody knows. There is one important thing: you can enhance the efficience of your shRNA when you respect sequences of miRNA stem loops and G/C/A/T amounts on known possitions. My friend Pekarik V. wrote a review about this - see it, may be it helps... let me know Marco