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Real time machines? - (May/05/2006 )


Based on your experience how would you rate for realtime PCR the iQ5 from biorad and the 7500 of applied biosystems?



We have two 7500 machines and they're fine (though we'd love a 7700). Software is good, reliability is good, support is good.

No idea about Biorad


What's the difference between the 7500 and 7700, if I may ask?

I personally use a 7700.



The 7700 is a physically bigger machine and can also accomodate a 384-well plate format. The 7500 runs a 96-well plate format and is therefore cheaper and provides less throughput.


Just FYI, the 7700 is discontinued and has been replaced by the 7900HT.


7700 - was based on " HIGH PERFORMANCE" non-peltier
cycler i.e PE9600
smile.gif See Biotechiniques 1991 smile.gif

never used 384 plates smile.gif
because John Atwood is teaching
that one-piece PCR plates are only " marginaly suitable" smile.gif

New cyclers are simple cheap Peltier cyclers that were NEVER
cited as " high PERFORMANCE " smile.gif