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Re: dilution questions - (May/04/2006 )

You are given a container of yeast cells for which Klett units have been determined on a Klett Summerson Colorimeter. The container contains a population whose concentration is 2.6 x106 cells/mL. You are to prepare a suspension which, when you spread 1 mL of the suspension on appropriate media, will result in about 100 cells.

Is my way a possible way to solve this problem:

1. add .1 ml of 2.6 x 10^6 to 9.9 ml water. this will give you 2.6 x 10^4.

2. Add .1ml of 2.6 x 10^4 to 9.9 ml water. This will give you 2.6 x 10^2

3. 260 cells/ml to 100 cells/ml.

4. The dilution factor here is 2.6

2.6= Vnew/Vold Add 1ml of 260 cells/ml to 1.6 ml water.

IS this correct?


Looks correct to me

-John Buckels-

1. Thw way it is shown online is get down to 260 cells/ml.
2. do a 1:2 dilution to get down to 130 cells/ml

3. We want to get 100 cells/ml

4. They then .77ml added to .23 ml

Is this correct, can you explain how they got this