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plasmid in 1M tris ..URGENT - (Apr/27/2006 )

Hello all,

I reveived plasmids from another lab on filter paper.

I was supposed to dissolve in 10mM tris ph7.6
but i did in 1Mtris pH 7.6 and used it to transform DH5a cells.

my plates did not have any colonies.

only one plate had like 2 colonies.

does any one know what shud i do?/

the plasmids arrived like 2 mnths late , so it will be delayed further if i ask again sad.gif sad.gif




if you didn't use all of your sample, do a rough dilution and repeat

if you took the entire bit and transformed it, then you probably overloaded the transformation with DNA, which will inhibit

have you checked the two colonies? they could be fine...

and have you checked the efficiency of your comp cells?