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protein storage following purification - (Apr/25/2006 )

I'm looking for information on buffers to use for storing purified protein. I'll be purifying large quantities of a kinase for crystallography, so I'll either need to store small frozen aliquots or preferably a couple larger vials with glycerol. I would like to have some anyway in glycerol at -20 for assays and such.

I've had trouble finding info on buffer recipes. I'm particular concerned about the samples for crystallography as I don't what to store the protein in something that will cause problems with crystal formation.

Is it all just trial and error or are there some hard and fast quidelines?


you can store ur protein at -70 in same buffer in which it is, by simple aliquating , the amount which u need for crystalliztion for a single time., because freezing and thawing will lead to degradation. being a crystallographer my exp. is not very good with freezed protein
all the best