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miRNA target claasification - (Apr/25/2006 )

hi everyone,

I'm a freshman in microRNA field . recently I used mirbase and miranda ( to predict the targets of my candidate microRNA .There are many results...

so I want to classy the candidate targets and then to predict the possible role of the microRNA.

But ,how can I do this work? I heard that GO(gene ontology) is a tool for gene classification .
Can anyone help me to use the tool,and finish the work?

Thank you very much!


Im working on a program that might help you out...we are developing a Java program (graphical user interface for those of us that are afraid of the command line!) to deal with the large number of hits you tend to get from MiRanda. You run Miranda on two sets of 3'UTRs, such as human and mouse, and presents the data in tables with highlighting and sorting that allows you to see which hits are evolutionarily conserved. Conserved hits may be more likely true hits thatn non conserved. We are attempting to add functionality that will allow you to do some analysis with GO terms, but we arent there yet.
Hopefully it'll be ready before too long. Once its ready, it will be free and publically available. I'll post a link to it when its ready, hopefully it wont be too late for you.