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Adding stabilizer to antigen increases signal - (Apr/07/2002 )

We carry out sandwich-ELISA with different antigens (bacteria, viruses, toxins).
To stabilise bacterial antigen, we add BSA to it. The solution is stable for the whole day and the signal of this solution is even higher than before.
But this works also with other antigens, which actually do not need stabilisation, like toxins.
Could it be, that BSA has a stabilising effect on the detection antibody?
That’s how we carry the ELISA out:
chemical Immobilisation of the capture antibody
Blocking with BSA
Detection-antibody, (with BSA and detergent)
For the adsorptive immobilisation it is recommended in some protocols to add BSA to the capture-antibody solution.
Is this the same effect? Is there a reason why we shouldn’t add BSA to any kind of antigen?


i thought that BSA blocked non-specific binding, therefore the specific signal would appear better...