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IS  there any protocol forantigen detection by compititive ELISA - (Sep/01/2001 )

i want to detect BHV-1 virus antigen from clinical aborted bovine placenta by competitive elisa . i have with me standard BHV-1 antigen and rabbit raised antiserum against BHV-1 virus. please give me a protocol to detact Ag from samples.


Hello,1-Coat ur ELISA plate with standard BHV-1 antigen .2-at the same time preincubate at 37C your virus with your Ab.3-add this mixture to the coated ELISA plate.4-use a secondary antiIgG-HRP.5-develop and read



If you have Ab against the virus, you can use a sandwich assay by adsorbing Ab to the oplate...adding virus containing solution, then adding enz labeled Ab ..then the enzyme substrate ..the amt of color is directly proportional to the virus can conjugate Ab to Alk phosphatase or peroxidase by using EDAC or other water soluble  carbodiimides