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Specific Specificity! - abt L/D- AAs ,D/L-sugars & all... (Apr/20/2006 )

For proteins, living systems are specific for L-AAs but for carbohydrates that degree of specificity is not do we explain it in the context of evolution..?

Also please tell me what is the degree of specificity for D-sugars & L-AAs...i mean when the specificity can be violated naturally, i'm interested in knowing that...
I got that D-Alanine is a bacterial marker [ i guess due to its role in murein formation of bacterial cell wall] but i don't know if any 'polypeps' contain D-AAs , & if yes ...upto what extent & all...

Similar querries for L glucose...& alph & beta sugars...

Please help me... i'm searching the web...suggest any good links too...

Thanking in advance,



I'm going out on a limb here...due to the nature of your question, I suspect you will not get what you need with Google unless you get a lucky hit

I think it would be most beneficial to get a really good biochem text and curl up with it...if I had your question that is probably where I would go to find it

this is my best guess. someone else might have a better idea?