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hybridizazion - southern (Apr/20/2006 )

I was readring different protocol.
and I can see there is different composition of the Hybridization buffer.
ex:- 5X SSC, 0.5% Blocking agent, 0.1% SDS, Dextran sulfate, DNA salmon sperm

or: 1%SDS, 6X SSC, 10% desxtran sulfate, DNA salmon sperm

or:5X SSC, 0.5% Blocking agent, 0.02% SDS, 0.1% N-lauroylsarcosine, Nasalt, 50%formamid.

I am using a radio activity probe.

any advice



PS most of the link fro southern here doesn't work


Ulujm -
there are multiple recipes because there are multiple ways to do a may not matter so much which one you choose, as long as the important components are there. for example, the three recipes you show are 5X SSC, 6X SSC, and 5X SSC...I think it will work fine at both concentrations.

about the Southern links...I took a few minutes and reported the dead links so hopefully they will be removed soon. if you report them it helps!

will this help you?