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fixation of macrophages - (Apr/14/2006 )

If I had a solution of macrophages in DPBS and needed to make a slide out of them, how would I go about doing that? I need to add a drop of the solution onto a slide and stain it. But how do I fix the macrophages to the slide without washing them away? Can I do this by heat fixation?


Heat fixation will kill your macrophages and probably leave a bit of a mess.

Dry a cell smear onto a slide.
Then try 4% paraformaldehyde dissolved in PBS (dissolve at 50degreeC inside a fume hood as it produces formaldehyde and has a low flash point) for 30mins in a staining jar. After this your macrophages should be fixed and you should be able to stain then and perform immunofluorescence.

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