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B-LCL Generation and CTL assays - (Nov/02/2000 )


I will be thankful to everyone to get a standard protocol-Do's and Dont's includede for the following-a) How to generate lymphoblastoid cell lines from monkey PBMCs,b) How to evaluate the CTL response in monkeys. Can full proteins substitute the peptides for CTL restimulation. Any other useful suggestions on these will be welcome.Thanks,Devesh.


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Dear Deve,

I'm looking for the B-LCL from monkey PBMC, too. If you've got the info, would you pass that info to me?

In J Gen Virol (2000), 81, 1313-1319, there is a brief procedure about B-LCL from human PBMC. ( A novel sensitive approach for freq....)Nanan, R.,et al

Looking forward to hear from you soon.

Thank youSusana WidjajaViral Diseases ProgramUS NAMRU-2Jakarta- Indonesia