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prediction of transcription factor binding sites - which strand predictions are more important (Apr/12/2006 )

when i used certain softwares available on the net like
Matinspector 2.0
the results display transcription factor binding sites in the positive as well as the minus strand
acording to me both could be important for the regulation of the gene being studied
have I been thinkiing right

please give feedback on what u think and if I am thinking on the right track



absolutely....transcription factor motifs can be applicable in any direction

there was an interesting paper about nf-kb that I read last fall; I will see if I can find a link for you...basically, some biochemists looked at binding in different combinations and in different directions, to determine if it made a difference in induction...and was there a combination or direction that was preferential and would it result in more product from the promoter? anyways it was quite interesting, will see if I can find it

here it is, and it is about nf-kb and stat:

check here