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RNA isolation from frozen tissue sections - Which Kit do YOU use? (Apr/12/2006 )

Hey everybody,

I am trying the ZYMO Pinpoint Slide RNA Isolation System 1. The manual says 1 mm2 of a 10 micrometer section gives enough RNA for subsequent RT reaction and quantitative RT PCR. I say thats a lie.I used up to 4mm2 and did not get detectable amplification.
What is your opinion? Please share your experiences!

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I used qiagen mRNA isolation kit, qiagen RNA isolation kit for tissues. Both worked fine.

Homogenization of tissue is very critical step. Take care at that level.

Good luck

-suguna reddy-

Try this method also

-suguna reddy-

QUOTE (suguna reddy @ Apr 14 2006, 07:28 PM)
Try this method also

biggrin.gif Thanks a lot! I will try your suggestions in the next couple of weeks.
Take care,