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Vector searching - (Apr/11/2006 )


At the moment, im working on a cloningproject from school.
We want de cloon a sample op DNA into a vector.
Then, tranform the vector into E.coli, and after that, we are going to isolate the plasmid and tranfect it into COS cells.

Now, im search for a vector that can be used for this project, the vector needs a ori for both bacteries and eukaryots (for the transfection).
I want this genes in the vector: ori + amp. (prokaryo), SV40 enhancer, promoter and polyA signal.
Also I want a assay like galactosidase in it to check if the tranfection is succesfull, but for this assay I cannot lyse the cells, so i think the only possibility is gal.

Where can i find this kind of vectors? I searched on google, but i didnt find the one i need...

Help me please!

-Roy van Heesbeen-

You can found an answer in invitrogen website and then search vector