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Endotoxin in culture media - Endotoxin in culture media (Mar/09/2002 )

Hi. Does anyone know the acceptable level of endotoxin in endotoxin units (EU) per mL?  I've just performed Sigma's E-Toxate LAL assay and the standards are expressed in EU/mL.  All of the culture media specifications I've seen express endotoxin levels in ng/mL.


The acceptable level of endotoxin depends on which cells you are looking at, and how they respond to endotoxin.
The E-Toxate endotoxin standard is standardized against the US Reference Standard Endotoxin.  The ratio RSE/E-Toxate standard gives the potency: around 10EU/ng.


For example, 100 pg of the standard endotoxin EC-5, 200 pg of EC-2 and 120 pg of endotoxin from Escherichia coli 0111:B4 have an activity of 1 EU.
It is taken as a rule of thumb that 1 EU corresponds to 100 pg of endotoxin.

Cell Type ng/mL
Macrophages and mononuclear phagocytes 0.01
Equine macrophages 0.5
Human IVF embryos 1
Aortic rings (Rat) 1
leukocyte cultures 1
murine macrophages 1
Aortic endothelium (Rabit) 10
Murine B lymphomas (i.e. 70Z/3) 10
Recombinant CHO 10
Cardiac myocytes (rat) 10
Porkine aortic endothelial cells 25
Human T Cells 100
bovine aortic endothelial cultures 100
Uretal epithelium 5000

Reference you find in the Endotoxin Compendium of Profos AG.

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