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Protein behavior at high concentration - (Apr/07/2006 )

I would like to know how will protein behave when they are highly concentrated?? Where there will be any physical modification or any other changes..??


in what sort of situation? what general properties of the protein?

I would guess a higher likelihood of aggregation, if the protein is capable of such...resulting in a more viscous solution

otherwise, I am not sure what you are getting at, when you ask about 'physical modification'?


This question was on general context…I would just like to know all the possible changes that are associated when I go for concentrating a protein to a higher value..??
Any do you have any idea till what maximum level can we concentrated with subjecting any damage to the protein..?
Any idea about the stability of the protein at such concentrations..???


It's depend on the proteins.
some can be highly concentrated, some other will aggregate if you concencrate them to much.
There is no general law at my knowledge.


I think missele has hit it on the head...

you do not have to worry about damage. too much concentration can result in aggregation, clumping, solubility issues...but no damage