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RNA from plant tissue shows 3 rRNA bands - RNA isolation by Trizol method (Apr/06/2006 )

Iam right now isolating RNA from plant tissue using Trizol method.for checking I have run the gel using TBE buffer.I could see more than three bands on the gel .can any one helpme with what those bands correspond to.
thanks a bunch.


Depending on the type of plant, it may have more than 2 rRNA subunits. What plant are you using?

-John Buckels-

RNA from leaf tissue might contain multiple visible rRNA bands and some of them in fact come from chloroplast, at least there is 16S rRNA, 5.8S rNA another properly 23S…
Anyway, leaf RNA show more bands in electrophoresis using denature agrose gel than other tissue which contain less chloroplasts (non-green tissue)
As to non-denatured agrose gel, I've no idea, but for sure there are more bands from leaf RNA compare to other tissue.