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transformaiton of mini prep sample - (Apr/06/2006 )

after doing mini prep yesterday i inoculate a colony to yt broth with addition of ampicillin for large prep. after 18 hours culture time I found no growth.

may be my colony is dead????

so can I transfrom the miniprep sample with E.coli?
i dont want to back to ligation and mini perp again.

is there any wayyyyyyyyyy??
plz help me

-T. reesei-

you may be able to save some surviving cells if you streak some of the culture onto plates.


You could transform coli with your miniprep.
However, you could also rescue your bacteria. I assume you put the plate in the fridge while you did the miniprep? You should put the plate in 37°C for some hours, and then you can pick the colony and inoculate the liquid medium.


oh many many thanks for the replies.
yes i kept the plate in frgide. i will perform transformaiton by miniprep sapmple after PEG treatment

-T. reesei-