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how to reconstitute water in this lyophillized oligodT? - (Apr/05/2006 )

hi all,

does anyone have any idea on how much water should i put in this lyophillized oligodT that i have bought. the manufacturer did not provide the exact amount of water that needs to be reconstituted. the only details was provided was:

Oligo d(T)18 mRNA primer
5.0 A260 unit = 170microgram or 31.5 nmoles
OD/mg: 29.4

is there some method of calculation that i don't know require here?
please help me =)

thanks n rgds


Ypu've pretty much done the hard part; working out how much primer you have.

You need to state what concentration your primer must be at, in order to perform a calculation.

Say, for example, you need primer at 100 µM then you use the equation

Moles = (Conc x volume) / 1000

Rearranging gives you:

(Moles x 1000) / Conc = Volume


((3.15 x 10^-8) x 1000) / (1 x 10^-4) = 0.315 (i.e., 315 µL)


thank you very much Mr. Veteran. i really appreciate your help..
i guess, everybody in this forum have been really helpful since i joined in few months a go..i knew that i can rely on u guys!! thanks again =)