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B lymphocyte isolation fromblood - (Feb/28/2001 )

Can someone help me? I need a simple method for B lymphocytes isolation from periferal blood or blood fraction that contains them in greater quantity. Do they separate togerther with leukocytes?Thank you for Your help.


I will test the "Doyle method" for the specifique selection of B lymphocyte. I need more information on it, so..But i can give you the method by magnetic bead, and the reference of the Doyle technic :In vitro development of human monoclonal antibody secreting plasmacytomas. A.Doyle and al, Human Immunology 13 199-209 (1985)


B cells can be easily seaparated by first centrifugin whole blood in histopaque-1077. The resulting mononuclear cell fraction contains the B cells. If you need pure cells, you can try panning on petri dishes coated with anti-human IgM, or use magnetic antibodies.

-Jay Mone-