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DNA isolation techniques - (Mar/25/2006 )

Recently i have been working with a comercial DNA extraction kit by Qiagen. Basically I am extracting animal (genomic)DNA for PCR. Usually when I use the traditional method the DNA (material can be observed. However, is there something wrong with my technique if I can't observe or feel the same DNA material after DNA elution. Should I see something?


'traditional method'? do you mean P/C prep, spooling, that sort of thing, when it's all viscous and you can tell by the slimy texture that you've got a bunch of good DNA?

I think if you are using columns you have to solubilize the DNA far enough that it won't clog the column during purification; this is why the texture is more like water

(this is only my guess)


Thanx a lot. Ur answer really clears my doubt.

Best Rgds.