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coexpression of different genes in the same host - (Mar/24/2006 )

Can different gene cloned separately in same vector can be expressed togather in the same host.
I mean vector is same but carrying different genes in the same host can be used as coexpressed.


It is possible, but how to check it?
It is easier to use 2 vectors with different selection so that you can screen in one time if both vectors are present.


You can do co-expression (or co-transfection).
To determine presence of the two protein products of your two inserts, you can try epitope tagging (i.e. myc, his, flag etc) on your construct and immunodetection (using anti myc, anti his etc..) to determine the presence of the protein(s) in the host cell.
To determine the presence of transcripts, use specific primers for the two inserts (if they're different genes). But have to ensure that the size of RT-PCR product of these two inserts are different, so that you'll be able to do multi-PCR and distinguish their presence.