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NAD(P)H in solution - handling? - NAD(P)H be frozen and thawed for use in enzymatic assay? (Mar/23/2006 )

I want to prepare a batch of NAD(P)H solution and freeze it for later use in an enzymatic assay. The company whose assay kit I am using so far stated that NADPH has to be prepared absolutely fresh. Is this true or can I freeze and thaw an aliquot and use in assay?

Any suggestions or experiences appreciated.



NADPH can be stored in frozen solution for short periods of time (a week maybe) you will know when it is no longer usable because it will turn orange (at least 10mM will) in the center of the ice.

you're better off preparing it fresh.


I used to work with NADPH on my enzymatic assay and I prepared the solution fresh everyday.