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Things which the nucleic acid attached to . - (Mar/22/2006 )

Hi, everyone.

These days, I am thinking about the material which the nucleic acid attached to. What is the name of the membrane used in the column which is contained in the plasmid extraction Kit? And where can i find or purchase some.

If you have some ideas, share with me please. Thanks.

Wish you all the best!

Yours sincerely


Most DNA purification column manufacturers use a silica gel-based membrane which will bind DNA in the presence of a chaotropic salt (e.g., sodium iodide). However, the exact content and structure of the membrane is proprietary information and these companys are unlikely to ever divulge these data.

Someone may have the real answer out there somewhere but it may take some finding (and a lot of persuasion).


But you can find some of the same silica powder used for some gel purification kit at sigma. If you search the net for "plasmid purification" and "silica" you should find some detailled protocols to purify DNA.