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MMTV Sv40 Bssk - (Mar/21/2006 )

Does anyone work with the MMTV-SV40-Bssk plasmid?

I want to remove the MMTV LTR and put it in a different plasmid. Does anyone have some sequences that they know will amplify this section and work well...



hmmmmmm... well.
i get this draft ( but it's not very helpful...

Gene/insert name: na
Insert size (bp): Unknown
Species of gene(s): No gene

Vector backbone: BlueScribe SK+ (Search Vector DB)
Type of vector: Mammalian expression
Backbone size (bp): 7023
Cloning site 5': EcoRI
Site destroyed during cloning: No
Cloning site 3': HindIII
Site destroyed during cloning: No
5' Sequencing primer: na (List of Sequencing Primers)
Bacteria resistance: Ampicillin
High or low copy: High Copy
Grow in standard E. coli @ 37C: Yes
Sequence and Map: Author's Map
Principal Investigator: Philip Leder

Comments: See scanned map. SalI to HindIII MMTV-LTR from PA9; SV40 PA/intron is from CDM8. Unique cloning sites for expression from the LTR are EcoRI and HindIII. (Leder #C-197)

This plasmid has not been sequence verified. If you would like Addgene to sequence a portion of this plasmid before you request it, please contact us.


me again,

i don't want to have to ask that company to sequence their plasmid, because i'm not going to purchase it from them. i was given a sample, and yeah, not buying it, dont want to take advantage of their offer to sequence a portion of the plasmid.

anway, if ANYONE out there knows more about MMTV-SV40-BSSK, or better still, more about the cloning site there, please contact me.

i have a map, and it shows in the multi-cloning site with only XbaI, PstI, EcoRI, and HinIII areas.
There has to be more sites to cut with.

I can't use the PstI site, because that's located in the MMTV LTR bit, as well as several times in the sequence i want to put in.
can't use the XbaI site, because it's in the MMTV LTR bit.
can't use the EcoRI site, because it's in the sequence i want to put it.
Can't use the HindIII site, because it's in the sequence i want to put in, and in the MMTV LTR bit.