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RNAi in yeast? - (Mar/16/2006 )

Hi, I am just starting to work with yeast cells. Would like to try RNAi in yeast. Is it possible at all?, unfortunatelly I found NO protocol available on web. I have good experience with custome made SiRNA from Dharmacon but all in human adherant cells. Thanks A LOT in advance for any tipp!!!!


this article shows an homolog of dicer in yeast.
so i assume rna interference ay be possble as well in yeast...

also this article is kind of a review : Loss of Dicer fowls up centromeres - Nature Cell Biology


I appriciate your answer and help a lot. You are a great moderator! THanks


S.cerevisiae does not have RNAi. Other yeast like S.pombe do have