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immunoaffinity chromatography - (Nov/09/2000 )

need a protocol for coupling an antibody to a matrix to prepare a column for immunoaffinity chromatography


Dear Michelle,

Maybe I can help you to couple an antibody to an solid phase material for the purpose of immunoaffinity chromatography. I have developed my own solid phase materials for the site-directed coupling of antibodies, but also receptors, proteins, enzymes etc. Based on this material I have developed quite a lot of applications. So, if you would like to know more about it,please give me some details on what you would like to do and I might be able to help you. Ria Rhemrev


Hi Michelle:
We usually couple antibodies to protein A/G sepharose beads using DMP crosslinking reagent from Pierce. It's a bifunctional crosslinking agent. It's effective. You can also give a look to Pierce website, as they have the datasheets of other crosslinking reagents.
Hope it could be helpful