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RNA extraction - (Mar/12/2006 )

hi everyone

has any one tried the FERMENTAS RNA extraction ? is it good as the Qiagen kit?


Which specific kits are you using or inquiring about? Do you have specific catalog numbers?



i have heard that columns like in Qiagen kits don't retain all the RNA (smaller or in lower quantity) with the same efficiency...
i prefer organic separation



hi ....
sorry i dont have the catalog number ...i m inquiring about the RNA isolation kit from fermentas

as i didnt try it before ..i just tried the Qiagen kit and it was fair enough

i didnt try the organic extraction method before blink.gif


tryptofan is on to something. Are you doing total RNA extractions? A lot of general RNA kits have a size limit miss some of the small fragments. Organic extraction is can much more efficient. Maybe a little cheaper as well.

If you're isolating smaller fragments there specific kits that can increase the yield of smaller fragments.