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RNA stability and Long term storage of homogenate in Trizol or similar reagent - (Mar/10/2006 )


I am homogenizing my human fat Biopsies in Trizol or TRI reagent. My intention was
to store the homogenate at -80c. I noticed however in the product protocol
it says homogenate is stable for "at least 1 month", I intended to
store the samples for longer than this, does anyone have any information or experience
on stability of RNA after long term storage in Trizol as a homogenate.

Just as a note: Fat Biopsies cannot be stabalized for long term storage with reagents such as RNAlater, the fat prevents penetration.


Matt Neville

-matt nev-

Hi Matt,

I've read on the invitrogen website, and have also been informed directly by invitrogen tech support, that the homogenate is good for at least 1 year at -70°C. I actually freeze mine at -80°C, and haven't had any trouble with RNA integrity. Please note that with my own experience, the longest my samples have been stored has been about 3-4 months.
Ok...I tried to get the link to the specific page to work, but it only brings you to the general FAQ page. If you type in "trizol" and do a search under FAQ's, they have a discussion of stopping points and for how long the RNA can be stored at each stopping point.

Please let me know if you can't find it! Good luck-


for long term storage, i prefer to store directly a snap frozen cell pellet rather than store the homogenates. It's suitable for more than 6month without loosing RNA quantity and quality.