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Cheaper SYBR green mix? - (Mar/10/2006 )

Our lab is currently using the BioRad SYBR Green supermix. But the price is through the roof!! What is the best and cheapest (commercial) mix to use? Any suggestions? Thanks a lot.



Hi, we use Applied Biosystems SYBR Green PCR Master mix (part no. 4309155). It's around £280 (so not sure what that'll be in your currency (cause I don't know where you're from) but there's a good website Currency converter which I use quite a lot to convert US dollars to UK pounds)

Hope that helps

-crumbled ham-

Invitrogen, abgene and Stratagene may offer relief, but you'll have to contact each directly for price. We hope to carry sybr in the near future.

good luck


this is about the cheapest ready to go sybr mix i've found, and it works well-


Thank you!
(my currency is Norwegian kroner) I'll check it out!


Abgene is good....I ordered a lot ...also the plasticware is great