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Homology of plasmid sequence - Is Origin of relication sequence lifted from the bacterial genome? (Mar/02/2006 )

Is there a homology of 'origin of replication' sequence of plasmid vectors in bacterial genome? I am working with pET9a vector and E.coli BL21(DE3) strain. Is there any region in plasmid that is holologous to the bacterial genome? I would really appreciate any help in this regard.


try searching NCBI or related websites for BL21 complete genome
if the sequence is there u can download it and then BLAST ( a program ) or u can try CLUSTAL (another program) aganist the sequence of pET

or u can simply BLAST at NCBI site ur plasmid sequence aganist the genome of ecoli and see

hope u find this useful


If your plasmidĀ“s origin of replication is incompatible with your host cell, then you have a suicide plasmid with no segregation to future clones