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Linear Regression analysis - need help interpreting results (Mar/02/2006 )

I am not well versed in statistics and would appreciate any feedback on the results of my first go at a linear regression analysis of my standard curves.

What is considered a good correlation coefiicient and slope value for Real Time?

Many thanks.

Standard log 10 avg ct (3 reps)
1 ng 0 21.2
10 ng 1 18.2
25 ng 1.39794 17
50 ng 1.69897 16
100 ng 2 15.6

y= -2.8821x + 21.094
R2 = 0.993


Hello PRK, What I believe you are looking for is 100% amplification efficiency. A perfect amplification efficiency has a slope of -3.3. For a couple of great sources on standard curves and amplification efficiencies, check these out from ABI:

User Bulletin #2

Performing Relative Quantitation of Gene Expression Using Real-Time Quantitative PCR

(Note: the 2nd one is big and may take a while to download)