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Cholera Toxin - (Oct/12/2001 )

Emma,We have used CT from List Biologicals over the years without any problems. We were delivering peptides with and without CT intranasally and saw marked increases in serum IgG. We only used 25ug of CT per rabbit. Hope this helps.John


Does anyone have experience using Cholera Toxin via the intestine to induce active immunity to a co-administered antigen?? There is published data on this of course but after just recently having started to use CTX holotoxin from Sigma, am finding relatively little effect on antigen serum IgG responses on rechallenge across the gut.I have heard that sometimes CTX is unstable and breaks down easily. Has anyone had similar problems/ suggestions to get it to work??I have no feel for whether it is actually working - my rats certainly are not showing any signs of diarrhoea with 1ug- 100ug which makes me suspect the reagent even moreso.Many thanks for any feedback,Emma Turnbull.

-Emma Turnbull-