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Plant DNA celan up - Recipie for clean up solution (Feb/28/2006 )

Is there any effective clean up solution to clean the DNA extracted from Cotton and sunflower leaves? CTAB, chloroform : isoamyl acohol are used for extraction. some time the DNA is greay colored or green colored. Probably some components are staying back. Please give the recipie for clean up solution.


Do a phenol/chloroform extraction followed by a chloroform extraction. After this, if things are still gray, then it probably doesn't matter. If it really bother you, put a little activated charcoal in the DNA solution, stir carefully and centrifuge it.



From my experience, the color following extraction has no effect on downstream applications. Soybean genomic DNA extractions result in a green colored solution, while fava bean has a purple tint to it. I've done DTAB and CTAB preps and obtain the same results regardless. While I cannot pinpoint the cause of this, I've never had a problem using such extractions for PCR or Southern blotting.

Hope that helps,