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Radio Frequency and Genomics - Please Help - (Feb/28/2006 )


I'll first apologize for asking this request in this forum. But as you read through, you'll see that I really could not identify the best/appropriate forum to ask such a request.

I've been asked to see how RF (Radio Frequency) can be used in genomics? I'm looking for some basic papers or documentation on this. It can be on anything with RF and genomics - such as being able to use RF to insert DNA sequences, knock-out genes, alter/mutatation, transcription control,... It really can be on anything. Right now we're just looking for high level info to see how the two have been applied in the past.

I couldn't find anything on the web and really need to educate myself on this topic. This is an urgent request. Please help.

Thank You


RF heats things. I use it melt my agarose for gels. But it doesn't do much to molecules. I believe the Media Lab at MIT used it with gold beads to do some biology, but the heating is non-selective, so you only get 1 bit -- heat or not -- to control things. Of course NMR is driven by RF, and there is a whole literature on using NMR techniques for protein structure elucidation. If I had to write an article, that's what I'd write about.