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Detection of IntracellularStaining using Flow cytometry - (Nov/12/2001 )

Hi All,

Would like to know the prefered method to fix cells for Immunofluorecence by Flow Cytometry.

Experiences with Paraformaldehyde Fixation is a lot of Smeary bits on the histogram. Is it possible to use ethanol or methanol to fix cells instead?

Another question, how do u permeabilise cells for intracellular staining without losing the intraceullar antigens.

thanks for your attention.


This is the method I use:

1. collect the cells, wash them and remove the supertanant

2. resuspend the cells in 2ml of cold intracellular staining buffer (4% phosphatebuffered paraformaldehyd/ 1% FCS) (worked fine!)

3. incubate for 10 minutes at 4°C

4. wash with PBS/ 10% FCS

5. add 2ml of permeabilisation buffer (permeabilisation concentrate: 100ml HEPES, 1M; 10g Saponin (Serva); filtrate sterile and store at 4°C) (permeabilisation buffer: PBS/ 1% FCS/ 1% perm concentrate; freshly mixed!)

6. incubate for 10 minutes at room temperature

The cells are ready for use!

CAUTION: Always use perm buffer for dilluting antibodies and washing the cells!!!


If you use FACS with introcellular staining, how do you exclude dead cells? So far, I suppose only Annexin V could do this job. But has anyone here ever tired?