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Role of common compounds in different buffers and solutions - compounds are acting in solution as... (Feb/14/2006 )

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ok i've sum up links to some of the common buffers or compounds present in solutios. As many of newbies ask what is the role of X and sometimes for the 4th time, relevant links may be found here (not all links are there, possibilities of missing ones ):

extraction of proteins, so Hepes, nacl edta glycerol and np40
B mercapto ethanol in cell culture
PBS in cell culture
role of DTT
role of DTT (2)
folate and DNA methylation
sodium azide
binding buffer(sodiumazide,glycine&nacl) // elution buffer (sodiumazide&citricacid(anhydrous&trisodiumsalt) // elutionbuffer (glycine&sodiumazide)
Poly (dI-dC)
Beta mercaptoethanol in a transformation reaction
sodium acetate in nucleic acids precipitation
restriction buffer and TAE
glycine in Ab purification
5%PEG in ligation
gelatin / BSA in PCR buffer
na deoxycholate
LB and SOC agar
NP 40 vs Triton X-100
role of polyadenosine in DNA extractions
what is TE buffer for?

NEW ONE (august):
tris and glycine in transfert buffer


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Aught to make that a sticky Fred.

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