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TAE BUFFER - (Feb/13/2006 )

Hi, id like to know if u know, how do u prepare the TAE buffer, i mean, what steps do u follow to prepare it, and then id like to know why this is a buffer, is the tris the one who has a buffer function, or is the acetate, what does the acetate do? and what does the edta do? blink.gif



I would suggest going to the "protocol" pages on this site and looking under the media and solutions page for the recipe, otherwise try going to a standard lab text such as Molecular cloning for it and an explanantion of the components.

Hint: Try thinking about what the TAE is used for and the properties of each of the chemicals.

Just chuck the chemicals in water (distilled or whaterver you want) and pH if you want, but usually it is OK.



buffer's functions are regulary asked in the forum. You should have your answer.
Tris is buffer and acetate is for adjusting it.
EDTA : go to basics...