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BCA versus BioRad protein assay - What are the advantages of BCA that all the world uses it? (Feb/10/2006 )

Up to now I used BIoRad protein assay. It works, but not very genially for the low concentrated protein samples. I wonder if I order now BCA kit it will improve my sensitivity? In their characteristics it is written, that BioRad is more sensitive, but it should be a reason why most people use BCA?


BCA is cheap, fast, easy, and reliable; that's why I use it

as far as for increasing your detection limit, how low are we talking? probably has some good cut-off limits for the assay parameters


>BCA is cheap, fast, easy, and reliable; that's why I use it

But BioRad protein assay is cheaper (116 euros - 150 euros), it is not an argument. Ans seems more fast, as you do not need to premix the reagent - you just add the ready reagent to your protein.

So I have a doubt, whether I should use BCA.

My protein sometimes is about 25 ug/ml.
Biorad minimum of detection is 1,25 ug/ml, BCA- 5 ug/ml


detection limit doesn't matter then; both kits will cover your need.

so I suspect it will be a matter of preference for you

OH, hey, as far as cheapness I guess it depends on your lab. We buy a BCA kit about once every two years so we don't consider it to be 'expensive'