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How to elute plasmid spoted on paper - (Feb/07/2006 )

Hi all,

I have to transform chemically competent bacteria (E. coli) with a plasmid I want to clone. My problem is: the plasmid was delivered embebed in a hard paper (a circle drawn with a pencil indicates where the plasmid should be).
My question is: how can I take the plasmid out of the paper and bring it in solution? My first idea was just put the piece of paper in a falcon with water and let it disolve in. Since I am not sure at all about that I would like to heart some suggestions.

Thank you very much for the help,



i resuspend plasmid in 50┬Ál (waiting 15 to 30' in ice) and do an electroporation


me too

it's a piece of cake. I was skeptical that the little piece of paper would contain DNA, the first time...but it works very well

do a google for 'clonesaver' if you need a referenced protocol


I have been working with paper and just want to point out that paper itself contains bacteria which can be released if treated 'to hard'.
Just a little something to think about...