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SYBRSAFE staining - (Feb/04/2006 )


We are thinking on switching to SYBRSAFE staining for visualizing PCR products. We would continue to use the UV translumninator though, as the invitrogen option to UV is quite expensive. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has experience with this product, especially at setting up a digital camera to take pictures of the gels. Im looking for recommendations of what filters + Digital cameras to buy




Are you really that concerned about the safety of EtBr? I'm pretty sure EtBr is cheaper...and from my experience, SYBRSAFE doesn't stain any better.



In our experience it is about 2x less sensitive than EtBr. The filter also responds much more to the orange-G dye we use in our loading buffer, which makes it difficult to see very small fragments on the gel. We still are routinely using it, however.