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membrane filter technique (fecal coliform) - equipment and lab manual help (Feb/03/2006 )


I am working for my native tribe in BC canada in the fisheries department and i am setting up a water quaility program.

we want to get fecal coliform for a salmon habitat study and later for shell fish, right now we can not acess our shell fish resources because of high fecal coliform counts.

i have a collage diploma in chemistry and have done the membrane filter teqnigue in the past (only once or twice) and remember it was easy and know i can enclude it into my salmon habitat study.

my problem is i have misplaced my lab manual, (yea i know i feel stupid, i have moved a few times since taking the micro class and its been awhile)

so i need a list of equipment needed and a procedure
so my question is

Can anyone recommend a link to a method which would suit my needs or email me one?


thank you


I would try this

here is a good reference, especially if you are doing any sort of standardized testing that needs to be valid:

APHA. 1992. Standard methods for the examination of water and wastewater. 18th ed. American Public Health Association, Washington, DC.

I don't know what you have in BC, but I used pretty much the same method for water-quality testing when I worked in a public health lab here in the states. I hope this works for you

(and yes, you do have to invert and submerge the plates for this testing method to be valid; not if you are just testing for coliforms, but if you use the MFC agar for fecal coliforms)

good luck!