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Isolate tRNA from total RNA - (Feb/01/2006 )

I know that is really difficult to isolate t RNA from total RNA extraction .In my project i am using fibroblast cell line and i am wondering if anyone knows a really effective method to isolate t rna from total rna by precipitation or any other method...
Thank you for your time


When I run total RNA on 12-15% PAGE for separate small sized RNA, I always found strong tRNA band (70-80nt) on gel after EB staining, so it is possible to purify tRNA by cut such tRNA band and elute tRNA out, precipitated by ethonal...
However, I am not sure the tRNAs purified by this way are acceptable for you next work, it seems that most tRNA isolation methods are based on chromatographic and biochemical strategies…


The mirVana miRNA isolation kit from Ambion isolates small RNA molecules including tRNA.