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pCMV-CD19 plasmid map - (Jan/31/2006 )

Hi everyone,

Does anyone have, or know where I can find, a plasmid map for pCMV-CD19. Im thinking of doing a transfection followed by enrichment with aCD19 magnetic beads.

Someone kindly gave me the pCMV-CD19 but they dont have a map so Ive no way of checking what Ive got or of subcloning it. Ive tried all the usual places (like google!)



i think that you pCMV-CD19 is organised as follows : pCMV classic plasmid, with insertion of CD19 cDNA after the cmv promoter.

here is the link to sequences :

i've attache the map of the pCMV tag vector series from stratagene


thanks fred 33

thats great, I'll sequence T3 T7 and see what comes up.