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Looking for genomic targets of a DNA binding protein. - (Jan/28/2006 )

Hello all,
I'm looking for a method to identify the genomic sequences bound by a DNA binding protein of interest ( from Arabidopsis thaliana).
I found some reviews about chromatin immunoprecipitation and I'm thinikg about epitope-tagging my protein in order to avoid the production of a custom antibody. Could it work? Or do the epitope-tagging interphere with the DNA binding ability of the peptide?
I'm also guessing if there's any tecnique on column ( such as an affinity chromatography for DNA sequences).
Can any one of you give me any advice about it?


There are some CHIPs that have been done with epitope tagged proteins, whether the epitope will interfere with DNA binding will depend on your POI you should test that first.... as for other not so experienced, seems like you should be able to make a column based protocol that works...