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Native PAGE - (Jan/27/2006 )


Wondering if anyone can help? I have been using PAGE gels for a while but for some reason I have started to get shrinkage with my native gels huh.gif .

I have fresh TEMED and APS and acrylamide solution in the same way as I always have but for some reason I am still getting shrinkage. I don't get this problem with the denaturing gels that I run and don't understand why I am getting it with the native ones. Nothing has changed besides using fresh crosslinking agents!!

Please help!!


I also had some problems with shrinkage.
I don't know why, maybe the weather sad.gif

the biggest problem was for the stacking gel because the wells were useless.
I increased the concentration of APS, it polymerizes more quicky and I have no more problems.
I don't know if it's the best solution.

what do you think guys?